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Xanax and valtrex - can valtrex cause shingles - valtrex clindamycin drug interactions

May 19, 2013

Product name: Valtrex

Active component: Valacyclovir

Category: Skin Care, Antivirals

Description: Generic Valtrex is used for treating shingles(herpes zoster), cold sores(fever blisters or herpes labialis), and treating or suppressing genital herpes in patients with normal immune systems. It is also used to suppress genital herpes in patients with HIV infection.

Date added: 19 / 5 / 2013

Prescription: not needed

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Seller: Sonia Moore

Manufacturer: Aurochem

Payment method: Visa / MasterCard / MoneyGram / Wiretransfer / Eurodebit / Amex

Delivery Time: 5-7 business days by Courier Service or 10-21 business days by Standard International Airmail

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